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1. Target Group
2. *Training topics You may choose one or more topics from the list. If you don’t find your desired topic, please type it in the provided space on the right.
3. *Business Case Please, describe in brief how this developmental project will match your organizational business needs.
4. *Goal for development Please, specify at least one goal for development of the target group.
5. *Your requirements for the training approach and/or training provider’s experience and qualification needed for this project Please, specify here your requirements for the developmental approach and/or provider’s experience and qualification needed for this project.
6. *Timing and Duration Please, specify the duration of this training if you have this as a fixed requirement.
If not, please, leave it blank and the providers will give you their suggestions.
*Provisional period for this project
7. *Location of the training Please, describe in brief the desired or already chosen location for your event.
8. *Evaluation Please, specify your requirements and evaluation criteria.
9. Additional notes Please, specify also when you would like to receive a PROPOSAL from the PROVIDERS.
10. *Contact person for this project Please, specify name, job title, e-mail and telephone number of the person in charge. This person will be available for questions and further communication with the providers.