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Dear Provider,

The aim of this section is to help you to design your unique proposal for the clients following their Requests.
If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the client before designing and sending them the requested proposal for services.
Please, specify the following areas in your proposal:

  • Clients’ brief (based on the received concrete Request)
  • Your unique approach to this assignment (How you are going to implement this project, imagining that you are selected from the client?) Please, be frank and realistic. Promising more than you intend to deliver might reflect not only on your image, but also on the image of the other professionals in this business. We have a common goal – to increase client’s trust for our services and not to decrease it.
  • Budget. Please, specify with numbers how much the client have to pay if they decide to buy your services, the way they are described above. Our suggestion is to use EURO as a common currency in order to help the client to compare different proposals. In order to go further is this process, please, specify your price for a single unit of your service as training or consulting day/hour/coaching session or other.
  • References. As a good practice, you may also include some references or contact points for similar projects that you have implemented.
  • Contact person. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity for further clarification of your proposal. Always include contact details of the relevant person.

For your convenience you may use the above provided format for Proposal.
Please, download the file  and edit it according to your convenience.

We wish you good luck in reaching more clients and getting more contacts, thanks to the Organizational Development Portal!