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Dear Provider,

This section will help you to create your unique proposal for a client.

1.  Check your understanding

You have received their request but, if you need clarification or additional information, please contact the client.  It is better to be sure of your understanding before spending time designing and sending them your proposal.


2.  What information to provide in your Proposal

Always include the following in your proposal:

  • Clients' brief:  Playback your understanding of client's request
  • Your unique approach to this assignment:   If selected, how will you deliver this project? Be frank and realistic; promising more than you can deliver will reflect badly not only on you, but also on the professionalism of our business.  We have a common goal to increase customer trust in OD services.
  • Budget:   Specify how much the customer will pay, if they want to buy your services as you have described them.
    • Our suggestion is always to quote in EUROs; and common currency helps clients to compare different proposals.
    • And for your proposal to be properly considered, specify the price for a single unit of your service, for example: training or consulting per hour or per day; or the price for 1 coaching session.
  • References:  Where possible, you should include customer references and testimonials for similar projects that you have implemented.
  • Contact person:  Make sure you do not miss the opportunity for the client to get further clarification of your proposal.  Always include contact details for the most relevant person, so that the client can contact you and ask questions.

For your convenience, we have included a template which you can use to provide a structure for your Proposal.  Please feel free to download the file and edit it as required.

We hope that using the Organizational Development Portal will help you to contact more prospective clients and, of course, to win more work.

Good Luck!!